DPI Daylighting is a leader in commercial daylighting systems.

By harnessing daylight through dynamic, environmentally friendly solutions, we provide visually and thermally comfortable architectural experiences.


We are stoked to receive the prestigious iF Design Award 2019 for our new one of its kind product Flux™ by DPI Daylighting in Product category.


When it comes to daylighting, we believe that every person deserves the right to live and work in high quality, diffused and balanced natural light.

Studies have shown that daylight environments increase occupant productivity and comfort, and provide the mental and visual stimulation necessary to help regulate our body clocks.

Until recently, the technology to deliver controlled levels of light into architectural spaces and environments simply didn’t exist

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Every idea starts with a problem, and after over two decades of experience, millions of square feet of installation and tons of customer feedback, we were hit with a big one. Although there were current daylighting solutions on the market, we couldn’t find one that controlled the lux levels throughout the day as the sun moves; letting more light into the space in the morning and evening when levels are low and letting less light through at noon, when they are, providing uniform lux levels throughout the day.

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harnessing light for better lumen efficacy

At DPI Daylighting, we constantly ask whether there is a better way of harnessing natural light. after years of researching, customer feedback, and chasing our vision, we developed our latest range of products that help architects explore daylight in ways like never before. Although we can’t control the sun and the way it moves, we can control our product and how it adapts to it.

Our one of a kind FLUX® technology has been designed with unique angular light-ducts that control the amount of sunlight entering an environment throughout the day. This results in quality diffused daylight with low solar heating providing better lumen efficacy.

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