Flat and curved roofing, Facades and Insulating glazing, Cladding and curtain walls, Partitions, Greenhouse glazing, Skylights, Canopies, False ceilings, Interior design, Advertising etc.


Flux™ skylight systems transmit daylight through roofs bringing to life and transforming the spaces underneath. They allow for exploring unlimited design possibilities and innovations.

Transmits uniformly diffused light / Creates a comfortable indoor environment / Up to 90% of solar heat gain can be blocked / Reduced rain noise / Higher thermal insulation / Easy and fast installation / Free floating system allowing full thermal expansion / Excellent resistance to wind and snow loads / Flexible system suitable for many types of roof designs / Lightweight / Superior air and water tightness


Flux™ systems transform the facade into a dynamic wall of light to transmit the optimal amount of daylight. During daylight hours, it balances light levels and solar heat gain to transmit diffused light, creating comfortable indoor environments in even the harshest climates. They enable simple, quick and effective installation of facades which are stunning visually. Flux™ highlights different volumes and effects by the colours and finishes enhancing the geometry and rhythm of the facades.

Quick and easy installation / High thermal insulation / Variable levels of light transmission / No visible aluminium connections on the outside / High impact resistance / UV protection / Comfortable light diffusion / Lightweight / Freedom of design / Superior air and water tightness / Highly secure / Certified system / Low maintenance / Unparalleled design & choice of colours


Flux™ cladding system installed like a second skin, provides an aesthetically appealing exterior that is exceptionally light and waterproof. Buildings can take on a different appearance through the choice of translucent and reflective cladding, providing shimmering reflections as the day goes by an aspect of perpetual motion.

Lightweight / 100% waterproof / Quick, easy and cost effective installation / Unparalleled design & choice of colours / Standard and custom lengths upon request / No wastage


Flux™ Indoor Solutions offers large variety of aspects, colours, finishes and special effects providing a spectacular range of creative options for innovative interior solutions to create revolutionary spaces with superior light and attractive visual appearance. The non industrial unique visual appeal of Flux™ as walls, partitions and interior ceilings coupled with lighting options can heighten the drama of interior spaces and user experiences.

Wide range of colours and textures / Unlimited design flexibility / Lightweight / Easy to install / Allows for both open and intimate spaces


Flux™ Outdoor Solutions provide physical protection from all kids of climatic conditions. They offer high impact resistance, flexibility, Dual and extra UV protection and an exciting range of creative possibilities. The system contains a variety of snap-on interlocking dry-glazed connectors made of polycarbonate or aluminium.

Easy and fast installation / Free floating system allowing full thermal expansion / Excellent resistance to wind and snow loads / Flexible system, suitable for many types of roofs


Flux™ Shading Solutions are translucent shading systems that provides maximum control over light and heat, extended UV protection and high impact resistance. The shades can be static or adjusted to create desired balance of light and shade whilst visually transforming the exteriors of new or old buildings.

Lightweight / Easy fabrication on-site or off-site / Quick, easy and cost effective installation / Recyclable materials / Extra UV protection / Wide variety of colours and finishes.

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Flux™ is manufactured with the most advanced Swiss technology and the best raw materials available.

Our imagination to implementation approach results in outstanding daylighting solutions with stringent quality control over every stage, delivering excellence every time.

The Flux™ portfolio enables an efficient, greener environment with significantly lowered carbon footprint. It contributes to LEED certification by local lean manufacturing, using less resources, time and labor, providing natural light, optimizing on energy usage and recycling content.

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