Our team

Our Belief

We believe that every person deserves the right to live and work in high quality diffused and balanced natural light. Harnessing daylight to increase occupant comfort and productivity, lower energy usage, provide mental and visual stimulation, creating greener and more efficient environments for all, is what we do best.

Our People

We value our employees, customers, our peers, the community, and the environment. Employees are the nucleus of DPI, and their personal values helped in formation of the company’s values and organization-wide standards of accountability. More than 18 years later, these remain the key pillars against which we weigh every decision.

Our Environment

We are passionate about creating products that are good for the planet as well as our health. Our products enable utilizing natural light leading to substantial energy savings by reducing the usage of electric lighting and HVAC. Our products are  100% recyclable and our manufacturing process does not waste water.

Our one of its kind cutting edge technology along with streamlined processes increases energy efficiency, using the most advanced raw materials, surface and ocean shipping instead of air shipping, recycling are some of the many measures that we resort to, to lower our footprint.

As a business we are constantly tuning our work practices, supply chains and manufacturing processes to minimize our contribution to global warming. For the remaining carbon that we emit we will be offsetting it by contributing towards planting more trees and renewable energy. The environment is a stakeholder here, and how we treat it is just as important as our bottom line.

Some of our clients

Airports Authority of India
Central Public Works Department
Public Works Department
National Buildings Construction Corporation Limited
Metro Rail
Indian Railways
Indian institute of Technology
Indian Institute of Management
National Institute of Technology
All India Institute of Medical Sciences


Inorbit Malls
Market City
Sobha Developers