All finishes for Flux™ are co-extruded, on panels of any thickness and colour with the help of raw materials beyond compare. As a standard practice all Flux™ panels are Dual UV:

Dual UV

Flux™ has a high performance UV absorption layer, co-extruded on both the sides of the panel. This protective layer prevents from damaging UV radiation for long term optical clarity, colour, impact resistance and mechanical strength.

Anti IR

Flux panels that retain all their special properties and
in addition successfully reduce the amount of infrared radiation responsible for the so-called “greenhouse effect”. This adds to the occupant comfort levels and in keeping the HVAC costs down.

Anti Static

A treatment that reduces surface static electricity, minimising the effect of attracting dust in the environment.

Anti condensation

A treatment on the inside of the panels to stop condensation from dripping off and falling on to the things below.

UV plus

Panels with increased, extra strong UV protection, ideal for harsh environmental conditions.

Softlite/ Anti glare

Characterized by a matt appearance, it greatly diminishes the glare ‘neon’ effects for maximum visual/user comfort.

Anti Scratch

This advanced coextruded finish helps better performance in graffiti removal, improper handling and scratches.
Duo Opaque | 6.2 | White Black Solo Opaque | 6.2 | White